Match McKenzie

Official website for hip hop artist Match McKenzie. Including links to hit mixtapes Rap Minus Lies and RML2.

Xavier Warner P/K/A MATCH McKENZIE is a foreign born Songwriter/Artist from St.Christopher (St. Kitts), Nevis by way of Brixton, London, and Miami, Florida. His earliest musical influences included Depeche Mode, Coldplay, SoundGarden and Pearl Jam. At the age of 9, while visiting family in the United States, MATCH got his first taste of Hip Hop in the form of De La Soul’s "Stakes is High", and the rest was history. MATCH was instantly drawn to the music's diverse melodic schemes and the impeccable arrangement of word play, but felt that the challenge was in making music that people could feel and relate to.

"All I wanted was to infuse my expression of music with something different that had a universal sound. I wanted to create something that Macguyver couldn't come up with, even if he was a 5-time Grammy producer or songwriter".

Now, MATCH is widely recognized for his impressive wordplay, distinctive flow, international influences, quick wit, and his ability to layer sounds and innovate styles. 

MATCH McKENZIE isn’t new to the music game at all. Formerly known as both Khal-El and Xavier9, he has worked with such artists as Junior Reid, Scott Storch, Stevie J, Benzino, Future, Uptown Chavo, Trina, Brianna Perry, Arizona Slim, The Outsiders, Amadeus, Sydnee Renee, and Face, to name a few. 

Match McKenzie live at The Studio @ Webster Hall